Success Stories

Let Acumen be your guide

Enjoy some of the most recent success stories for Acumen Golf

  • Hanover Country Club, VA
    • Acumen  Golf has worked with the Board of Directors since October 2015 with full responsibility for the management of the club.  Acumen has re-structured the club management and the maintenance department to establish policies and procedures, create a sales culture in the pro shop, and create a marketing and communication strategy to engage potential and existing customers.  The club has gone from losing over $100,000 a year to a net profit with significant capital investment coming from all available profits.  This truly is a great success story.
  • Erin Hills, WI
    • This privately owned 18-hole resort in Wisconsin partnered with Acumen Golf to bid on and win the US Open. We used this momentum to steer a long-term successful business model which increased revenues and improved course conditions while controlling expenses.
  • Somerset Golf Club, VA
    • With Acumen's help, Somerset Golf Club was reopened in the summer of 2013 after four years of hiatus due to an ownership change. Acumen Golf spearheaded an extensive golf course renovation to reverse the effects of such a long dormant period, helped re-hire employees, installed an agronomic program, reworked the infrastructure, and helped the absentee owner create a marketing program to reintroduce the semi-private club to the golfing market.
  • Birkdale Golf Club, VA
    • After overseeing a full renovation of their greens and greenside bunkers, Acumen created a membership marketing campaign, which resulted in an increase of over 100 new members over the next three years. An innovative loyalty program attracted over 1600 participants, and 700 players took advantage of a new community golf tuition program.
  • Brandermill Country Club, VA
    • Under the ownership of Acumen Golf, the club underwent an extensive renovation of the clubhouse, course, and pool, which increased membership sales by 120. We also reconfigured their food and beverage operations, resulting in a $3500,000 increase in sales over a 5 year period.
  • Windy Hill Sports Complex, VA
    • Acumen Golf has been overseeing the golf course and grounds maintenance of this fun sports park since 2014.  Working within the strict budget afforded by the ownership, the golf course conditioning has improved year on year and the owners have seen an increase in rounds and profitability.  In 2015 a Footgolf design was added increasing play with this new style of golf!
8511 Royal Birkdale Drive
Chesterfield, VA 23832